Top Free Music Downloading Apps

Music has played a major part in shaping mankind from the time unknown, with the advent of portable technology and digital music people's access to music has become much more easy and penetrative. Also, with new songs coming out almost everyday it has almost become a priority to have a great app that can help you download great music at even greater quality with no costs at all. Here are some of the app that might help you do so.

Top Music Downloader Apps for Android
Supercloud song downloader
One of the best apps available out there for streaming and downloading free music. This app has a wide range of music to satisfy the needs of music lovers from all walks of life, apart from that this app runs super smoothly, has relatively lesser ads and can act as a music player as well. The bonus feature being the ability to preview music online before downloading. You can search for music based on your favourite artist, genre, album, track, etc which makes finding the tracks easy.

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This is an app the bollywood lovers would truly familiarize with. This Indian app has millions of songs to be streamed and downloaded. It also doubles as a music player and has internet radio which is a bonus and gets updated with new songs everyday. The user interface of this app is a big plus as it very simple and precise and searching for your favourite track is also fairly simple. The songs downloaded might not be of the best quality but are decent and also the lack of the fact that you cannot share your downloaded music is also a turn off.

Download Wync

MIUI Music Player
MIUI audio player is one of the best apps that comes with the MIUI OS which not only allows users to search songs online and listen to them but it also offers downloading the songs on their devices for free with the app. While downloading, the app offers the option of choosing the quality of the songs which is a big thing for every music buff, so you get to choose the quality from 96 kbps all the way up to 320 kbps. This app also carries the feature of playing your downloaded music on its own as the two music apps mentioned above.

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Tunee is one of the many music apps that have been removed from the Play Store but it is still available on many third party websites on the internet. This is also another app with a huge collection of songs from a long list of artists and genres. You can download the music you like and share it with your friends over bluetooth or any other form of connection. But the only downside to this app is that it does not play the music you have downloaded by itself. So you either have to use the default music player on your phone or download an entirely new music player, not such a big deal breaker right?

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Skull Mp3 Music Downloader Pro
This app is developed by the famous Skull Mp3 website and is yet another great app to download music from its humongous music library. It also offers an inbuilt music player so you can listen your downloaded music on in built music player, also what makes this app different is that you can set you favourite downloaded track as the ringtone for for your phone right from the app itself. The only downside being the barrage of ads that you have to go through to download a song.

Download Skull Music

This app is famous for giving the world the rockstars of the current music generation like Post malone and Lil Uzi Vert who are also known as 'Soundcloud Rappers'. One can not only stream music online here and save it offline but can also put up music for others to listen to by creating an account. Like all the other big paid music apps like Spotify, this app gets almost all the newest music from all the big international artists first. And with its unique interface it's not hard to figure why Soundcloud is one of the biggest music apps in the world.

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Songily is another application that has been trusted by many as their go to music downloader and player, satisfying the people by providing all songs approximately in the expected quality. This app unlike many others lets the users download content in Mp3 format which is rapidly becoming one of the biggest reasons for this app getting really popular recently. And the cherry on the top of the cake being that this app also lets you share your music with others using connections such as bluetooth, etc.

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One of the best app on the list, the 4Shared app works on a p2p sharing basis which has resulted in its database having almost any type of music you can think of. It is also among the few apps which offers the downloadable music in mp3 format and does also act as a music player and users can upload their own favourite music for the world to listen to, just a bit like soundcloud. This would have been one of the very best music downloading app had it not been as slow as it is and also not to forget the poor UI.

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If you are a workout/running enthusiast RockMyRun is the downloader for you. They have curated the best songs from some of the best DJ's around the world to enhance your workout sessions. RockMyRun allows you to save music online and download it. It has some of the coolest music around with a DJ touch to pump you up during that intense workout/run. Also, it matches the Beats per minutes of the songs with your heart rate and matches the length of the playlist with the length of your workout session, or it can also come up with it's own suggestions of songs using it's myBeat feature.

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Free Mp3 Downloads
One of the best Mp3 downloaders for Android users, this app lets users download songs from their favourite artists without infringing any copyrights. The app downloads songs from a vast database of songs and also provides the users with option of playing their downloads from the app itself. Users can also share music from their phone on the app this making the already huge database of music even bigger.